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メジロかな? (by sabamiso)

I guess what really forms you as a person is what you do within your family to receive love or attention. In my family, what you had to do to receive attention was to have good conversation at the dinner table or for me to do well at school, and those were really my focuses because that was what was valued the most.


Hi! So I finally decided to sell my drawings, since you guys ask me this quite often. if you want to buy any please contact me on dariemkova@gmail.com. You can buy any drawing for 30$ (if it’s not sold yet of course), payments are accepted via PayPal (sorry if it’s too expensive, but keep in mind that it’s original artwork and free international shipping included). Also if you want a commission- just ask. Have a great day everyone and thanks for the support😊 (ok now I feel awkward) #drawings


AU in which Harry Styles is an enigmatic vampire quietly living in an abandoned castle somewhere in England mostly minding his own business and eating kale and multivitamins in lieu of blood these days, wearing very dramatic overcoats and generally being quite bored until four hapless teen boys dare each other to break into the castle to prove there is no such things as vampires, and Harry couldn’t be more delighted to finally have people over for tea and once they get over the whole undead glampire business they all get on like a house on fire